Circularity benefits

Our reality in Europe today is far from where we want to be. When we buy a new appliance today we know it will need to be replaced within 10 years. That it usually costs more to repair it than to buy it new. And that at the end-of-life, less than half of the appliances are properly collected and recycled. This has to change.

CircThread will bring the benefits of a circular economy closer to reality. The promise of appliances that last twenty years or more, of affordable repair and longevity, and of proper collection and recycling for all appliances. With huge jobs and social benefits for the economy and a large reduction in environmental pressures. To make this happen we are working to implement seven innovations. Together as a group of manufacturers, collectors, repairers, recyclers, consumer bodies, knowledge institutions and innovative companies.

A series of innovations,
tested in real life environments

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