CircThread with women and girls in science

For another year, CircThread wants to join the actions aimed at giving visibility to women in science.
Yesterday, February 13th, CircThread was at the Angel Leon school in Colmenar Viejo, a town in Madrid (Spain), on the occasion of the celebration of women in science.
Before explaining what CircThread is about to the children of fourth grade (nine years old), we talked about how important it is for them to have references, both women and men scientists, to be inspired by. We discussed the European Union, how necessary European research funding is, and CircThread’s fellow journey (partners). We also talked about what they understand about the circular economy. For some of them, it was a new concept, even though they all, in some way, carry out circular economy actions in their daily lives. Discovering that their actions have a name and that it is called “circular economy” fascinated them.

When we explained to them what the project consisted of, the classroom was full of witty and engaging questions. I explained the platform that CircThread is creating and the DPP (Digital Product Passport). They liked the idea that all the product information was gathered in this document.

Finally, we did a classroom activity in the form of a game. COMET had previously made a kind of passport called “the journey of my life.” We asked the children to put themselves in the place of a household appliance and to explain at each stage of the product’s life how they would like to be treated and what information would be helpful for them (as household appliances) to live a better life. At last, they were given a section where they could draw a picture or say a few words about how they would like their life to have been. So that they could take the project home and share it with their families, we gave them a leaflet, a paper fortune teller, with information about CircThread.

I am only grateful for yesterday; thank you, Angel Leon, Primary 4!

We have learned a lot from you.

Written by COMET