Circular Economy for Enterprises Event: Aarhus, March 1st Recap

On March 1st, CircThread, with the support of Aarhus University, Clean Cluster, and Tech Circle, organized a groundbreaking event titled “Circular Economy for Enterprises” in Aarhus. The event brought together over 100 participants both online and in-person, receiving overwhelming positive feedback and highlighting its significance in the realm of sustainable and circular business practices.

Insightful Parallel Sessions on Circular Product Design, Standardization, and Digital Product Passport

A major highlight of the event was the series of parallel sessions exploring Circular Product Design by Dr. Giovanni Formentini from Aarhus University, Standardization by Cristina di Maria and Claudio Perisinnotti from the Italian Standardization Body – UNI, and Digital Product Passport by Dr. Rembrandt Koopler from Ecowise. These discussions provided valuable insights into how the Circular Economy will shape the business landscape in the coming years, offering participants a deeper understanding of both the challenges and opportunities in the circular economy market.

Keynote Talks by Anita Friis Sommer from LEGO Group and Anders Ziegler Kusk from Industriens Fond

The event featured two thought-provoking keynote speakers: Anita Friis Sommer from LEGO Group and Anders Ziegler Kusk from Industriens Fond, who captivated the audience with their presentations. Anita shed light on impactful initiatives by large companies to reduce sustainability footprints and embrace circular practices. Meanwhile, Anders provided a comprehensive overview of the Danish industrial landscape, emphasizing the active support on sustainable and circular topics that companies and research centers can receive through collaborative projects.

Collaboration, Challenges, and Opportunities

The discussions at the event showcased the collaborative spirit necessary for successful circular economy implementation. While challenges were acknowledged, the prevailing sentiment was one of optimism, as participants recognized the immense opportunities for businesses embracing circular practices. The overall success of the event underscored the importance of the CircThread European Project as a key enabler for the circular economy in Europe. Beyond its technological implications, the project emphasized the human aspect, reinforcing the idea that the transition to a circular economy requires a collective effort.

Looking Towards the Future

As the event concluded, it became evident that Circular Economy for Enterprises served as a catalyst for positive change. It not only offered a platform for knowledge exchange but also emphasized the crucial role of collaborative projects like CircThread in shaping the future of a circular economy in Europe. In conclusion, the event was a success, leaving participants inspired and equipped with the knowledge needed to navigate the evolving landscape of circular business practices.

Written by Giovanni Formentini, U. Aarhus.